Comparison of dynamic characteristics of virtual synchronous machine control algorithms

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Muthukumarana Hewa Thondilege, Theja Thilekha
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Renewable energy sources and energy storage systems will hold increasingly significant positions in modern power systems. These systems utilize power-electronic converters as the medium for connection to the grid. The decoupling of the generation and the grid frequency support is a main drawback of conventional converter control topologies. The concept of a virtual synchronous machine (VSM) has gained attention to address this issue in numerous topologies. This thesis provides a detailed insight into several recently proposed VSM algorithms. A VSM categorization is introduced, which can be generally applied to any VSM topology. EMT simulations in PSCAD/EMTDC are carried out to show the performance of the selected key VSM algorithms for large-signal disturbances. The selected VSM algorithms are tested explicitly for grid-forming functionality. Their performances are compared against the conventional synchronous machine. The results show the impact of controller parameters on VSM’s performance and possible ways of improvements.
Control systems