Arsenic + fool's gold_portraying a mined landscape in northern Manitoba

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Sivagurunathan, Dilaxshy
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Northern Manitoba has a fragile and complex environment that is rich in diversity but is disregarded in many ways by the province. Being built around the mining industry, much of the recorded history surrounding the Town of Snow Lake emphasizes post-colonial times with industry-specific details. This practicum aims to uncover the overlooked and hidden components related to mineral mining in Northern Manitoba from the perspective of a student of landscape architecture, and to communicate these findings to the public. With the increasing use and production of technology from the processing of materials that create our homes, to the individual components that make up our smart phones, the culture of Canadian society has become reliant on methods of resource extraction that support the continuous growth and progress of an unsustainable economic system. I believe there is a current disconnect with the public's understanding of where these materials originate, the environmental and social impacts that derive, and the complexity ingrained within these connected layers. By exploring the impacts on health and the intrinsic link between economy and ecology, potential issues that have occurred and may result are exposed. With a focus on raising awareness, this document is composed of a series of photos, historical and current maps, collaged with diagrams and policies which, in combination, aim to create an association between the site and our sight; to shed light on the North and make this unfamiliar land, familiar to the South.
Design activism, Health and landscape, Collage, Environmental racism, Processual landscapes, Resource extraction and mining