Speeding and Speed Modification of Older Drivers: Does Vehicle Type Make a Difference?

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Cull, A.W.
Porter, M.M.
Nakagawa, S.
Smith, G.A.
Rapoport, M.J.
Marshall, S.C.
Bedard, M.
Tuokko, H.
Vrkljan, B.
Naglie, G.
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The purpose of this study was to examine whether vehicle type based on size (car vs. other = truck/van/SUV) had an impact on the speeding, acceleration, and braking patterns of older male and female drivers (70 years and older) from a Canadian longitudinal study. The primary hypothesis was that older adults driving larger vehicles (e.g., trucks, SUVs, or vans) would be more likely to speed than those driving cars. Participants (n = 493) had a device installed in their vehicles that recorded their everyday driving. The findings suggest that the type of vehicle driven had little or no impact on per cent of time speeding or on the braking and accelerating patterns of older drivers. Given that the propensity for exceeding the speed limit was high among these older drivers, regardless of vehicle type, future research should examine what effect this behaviour has on older-driver road safety.
aging, speeding, automobile driving, older drivers, acceleration, braking