Stories Without Endings: Lived Experiences of Yazidi Women in Winnipeg

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Borgardt, Kirby
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Throughout history, the Yazidis, a minority ethnic group from the Middle East, have faced centuries of religious persecution, socioeconomic deprivation, human rights violations, and genocides. In 2014 a genocide took place when the so-called Islamic State entered the area of Mount Shingal in Nineveh Province of northern Iraq and carried out a plan to eradicate the Yazidi people. This attack and mass exodus of the Yazidis from their homeland resulted in the upheaval of 400,000 people and the abduction or death of 11,000 to 14,000 Yazidis. In addition to this genocide, Yazidi community has experienced both individual and collective trauma. This study explores the personal narrative and lived experiences of eight Yazidi women in Winnipeg. It is an act of witnessing their experiences of trauma, survival, bravery, and hope, and provides an opportunity for the reader to bear witness to the survivors of this study. These stories help to identify the complex and ongoing challenges this group has faced and continue to experience. Data was collected through face-to-face interviews using semi-structured, open-ended questions which allowed the participants to express their personal experiences and narratives.
Yazidi, Yazidis, Trauma, Violence, Genocide, Storytelling