Directly-Funded Care Programs in Canada

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Kelly, Christine
Dansereau, Lisette
Balkaran, Kevin
Tingey, Elizabeth
Aubrecht, Katie
Hande, Mary Jean
Williams, Allison
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Directly-funded (DF) care refers to individuals are given funds or budgeted hours to arrange their own home care services. DF programs serve adults with physical disabilities and cognitive disabilities (including dementia), adults and children with intellectual disabilities, and older adults who require assistance with the activities of daily living. In 2017-18 we conducted an environmental scan that included information from the public domain, questionnaires, and key informant interviews. Our report describes 20 DF care programs across the country, summarizes key features of the programs, and provides seven key recommendations for the development and evolution of DF care programs in Canada. DF programs are an important component of the continuing care sector in Canada, however, careful planning and attention to issues of equity, access, caregiver burden, abuse, working conditions, and other elements are important to ensure DF care best supports families, clients, and workers.
home care, direct funding, individualized funding, self-managed care, consumer directed care