An Interior Design Approach to Human Motivation: An Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Centre for Orthopedic Patients

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Santoyo, Emmanuel
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This Master of Interior Design practicum consists of the design of a privately-owned Outpatient Rehabilitation Treatment Centre (ORTC) for Orthopedic surgery patients. The facility is located in the North-West area of Winnipeg, Manitoba, at 1777 Brookside Boulevard. In response to current changes by the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (WRHA), the facility provides patients with more opportunities in finding local and community-based outpatient rehabilitative services. In order to improve patient outcomes, the ORTC features design strategies that help reduce stress, reduce barriers towards physical activity, enhance motivation, and encourage return visits. The ORTC is a versatile and dynamic space, providing technologically advanced solutions to focus on motivating its users to pursue active lifestyles within the facility and their surrounding community. The practicum investigates theories of human motivation, human behavior, and explores the impact of digital technology and the built environment to support people who are pursuing such active lifestyles and positive health outcomes during physical therapy. Throughout this investigation, an emphasis on the concepts of restorative nature-based features, social support, concepts of freedom, fun, choice, and flexibility is present throughout the built environment.
Interior Design, Physical Therapy, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Treatment Adherence, Game Theory, Physical Activity