Node. An Interior Design approach to improving mental health

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Payne, Danielle
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To build a supportive environment it is important to understand the specific needs of an individual or group and how the physical environment can impact health. This practicum project proposes a center that goes beyond the use of medication to support those who suffer from depression using alternative therapies and applications to help the guests relax. A main goal for the center is to remove the hurdle of stigma that surrounds mental health. By offering a safe and comforting environment the aim is to encourage those who have depression to reach out and begin a treatment plan tailored to their personal goals. Offering traditional therapy approaches paired with alternative and supporting therapies and an aesthetic of natural elements and comfort. The intent of this practicum project was to design a pro-social space to encourage network building and to bring together people experiencing similar issues while working towards becoming a healthier individual. The goals of this project were to offer those who struggle with their mental health a resource center and place of connection for these individuals to help reduce the risk of suicide.
Interior Design, Depression, Mental Health, Support Center, Salutogenics, Biophilic Design