A review study of river bank stability and slope movements in the Winnipeg area

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Tseng, Ling-Wai.
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The study of previous investigations of riverbank stability in the Winnipeg area was extended using up-to-date field instrumentation data. A review of earlier investigations and approaches, and comparisons of slope stability analyses results with previous investigations were included. In the present study, residual strength parameters were used in effective stress analysis, using the simplified Bishop's Method of Slices for a circular slip surface and a modified rigorous Janbu solution for a non-circular failure surface. For both methods, the porewater pressure distributions were incorporated in a computer program as piezometric levels. Improved results of factors of safety computations were obtained and values of computed safety factors for the given porewater pressure conditions were more reasonable. A preliminary study on riverbank movement based on slope indicator data obtained from the sites was also made. Observations of the slope movement data indicated that the rate of slope movement varied according to the groundwater conditions and reflected the state of riverbank stability.