WeFreS: weighted frequent subgraph mining in a single large graph

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Ashraf, Nahian
Haque, Riddho Ridwanul
Islam, Md. Ashraful
Ahmed, Chowdhury Farhan
Leung, Carson K.
Mai, Jiaxing Jason
Wodi, Bryan H.
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ibai publishing
Considering edge weights during frequent subgraph mining can help us discover more interesting and useful subgraph patterns when compared to its unweighted counterparts. Although some recent works have proposed weight adaptation in frequent subgraph mining from transactional graph databases, the consideration of edge-weights in mining subgraph patterns from single large graphs is mostly unexplored. However, such graph structures appear frequently, with instances being found in social networks, citation and collaboration graphs, chemical and biological networks, etc. In this paper, we propose WeFreS, an efficient algorithm for mining weighted frequent subgraphs in edge-weighted single large graphs. WeFreS takes into consideration the weight, or significance of the interactions between different types of entities, and only outputs subgraphs whose weighted support is greater than a given user-defined threshold. The resulting subgraph patterns are both frequent and significant from the application perspective. Moreover, for efficiency, WeFreS is also equipped with various pruning techniques and optimizations.
Single large graph, Weighted single large graph, Graph mining, Weighted frequent subgraph mining
Ashraf, N., Haque, R.R., Islam, M.A., Ahmed, C.F., Leung, C.K., Mai, J.J., Wodi, B.H.: WeFreS: weighted frequent subgraph mining in a single large graph. In: ICDM 2019, pp. 201-215 (2019)