Work and the working men of Winnipeg

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McIvor, Daniel
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Work may be defined in a general sense, to move with labor and with some particular purpose or tendency. Ruskin said there is a working class -- strong and happy among both rich and poor: There is an idle class -- weak, wicked, miserable among both rich and poor. I purpose to deal with "work" ethically, then with the character and problems of the working men of Winnipeg. In most cities and countries there are two classes of people, the workers, and the idlers, and the climate and surroundings will determine to a great extent which will be the larger class. We are fortunate to have such a climate in Manitoba, that is not conducive to idleness but stimulates us for work. Apart from the climate many of us have no choice in the matter and no need for encouragement or reproof. We at least have the spur of necessity which would soon prick our sides if we tried to dispence with what is our lot. It might be said with some truth that idleness is not a very glaring fault of our city, that compared with others is as actively industrious and that many among us suffer from over work rather than under work....