Immigration and settlement in Manitoba, 1870-1881 : the beginnings of a pattern

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Jahn, Hertha Evelyn
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The purpose of this study is to examine the immigration and settlement pattern that developed in Manitoba in the first decade after that province entered Confederation. An attempt will be made to show the significance of that pattern in so far as it represented the first sizeable efforts at encouraging immigration and settlement, and in so far as these efforts did not show any marked change, at least until the end of the 19th century. To reveal the nature of the above pattern, consideration will be given to the following factors: the legal framework that existed for immigration and settlement in Manitoba to take place; the immigration propaganda that was used to find suitable immigrants; the transportation facilities that were provided for the immigrants coming; the challenges of the homestead system that the settler encountered; and the response he made to these challenges. When developing the above factors efforts will be made to indicate the problems this pattern encountered and the difficulties it had in not realizing a greater success. Reference at least will be made to its American counterpart, from which it borrowed considerably and which was its largest competitor. Attention will also be given to the inadequacies that were inherent in the pattern, and which would be eliminated only as the Canadian authorities gained more experience in the organization of an immigration and settlment policy. Finally, it is hoped that this work will add some light on the social development of a province in the first decade of its history.