Shoreline processes on Lake Winnipeg

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Veldman, Willem Martinus
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Shoreline recession is an ever present problem on Lake Winnipeg and is accentuated during storm periods and high lake levels. With the ever-increasing value of property along the shoreline, this recession can cause serious damage. Before any works are constructed to halt shoreline recession, it is necessary to understand the littoral processes acting upon the shoreline and how these processes are related to sources and losses of material, natural and man-made littoral drift barriers, and fluctuations in the lake levels. This thesis gives a general analysis of the processes acting upon the shoreline from Riverton to Sans Souci on the west and from Elk Island to Balsam Bay on the east. Furthermore a detailed study of the shoreline at Winnipeg Beach was made with the aid of a model. The author fully realizes that this study is only preliminary in nature but hopes that it will give some insight into the problems of shoreline recession and that it will stimulate thoughts, discussions and further studies into this challenging problem...