Mineralogy and stable isotope geochemistry of the Stratiform Replacement Zone, Viburnum Trend, southeast Missouri, USA

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Slane, Daniel
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As the mines on the Viburnum Trend continue to age, there is an increasing need to find mineralization of sufficient tonnage and grade. The objective of this study is to determine if there are any trends in oxygen or carbon isotopes that can be used as an exploration tool within the Stratiform Replacement Zone of the Viburnum Trend. Micro drilled samples were collected, and carbon and oxygen isotope values analyzed within and at increasing distances from mineralized areas. While there are trends in oxygen isotope values between mineralized and unmineralized samples, there is weak correlation between the barren oxygen isotope values and distance from mineralization. Mineralized samples show less variability among the oxygen isotope values compared with unmineralized samples. The weak correlation between oxygen isotope values and distance from mineralization is interpreted to be caused by a complex relationship between variable amounts of recrystallized dolomite and different sulfide generations.
viburnum trend, zinc, blanket zone, sphalerite