Online interventions for problem gamblers with and without co-occurring problem drinking: study protocol of a randomized controlled trial

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Cunningham, John A
Hodgins, David C
Keough, Matthew
Hendershot, Christian S
Bennett, Kylie
Bennett, Anthony
Godinho, Alexandra
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Abstract Background The current randomized controlled trial seeks to evaluate whether providing access to an Internet intervention for problem drinking in addition to an Internet intervention for problem gambling is beneficial for participants with gambling problems who do or do not have co-occurring problem drinking. Methods Potential participants will be recruited online via a comprehensive advertisement strategy, if they meet the criteria for problem gambling. As part of the baseline measures, problem drinking will also be assessed. Eligible participants (N = 280) who agree to partake in the study and to be followed up for 6 months will be randomized into one of two versions of an Internet intervention for gamblers: an intervention that targets only gambling issues (G-only) and one that combines a gambling intervention with an intervention for problem drinking (G + A). For problem gamblers who exhibit co-occurring problem drinking, it is predicted that participants who are provided access to the G + A intervention will demonstrate a significantly greater level of reduction in gambling outcomes at 6 months compared to those provided access to the G-only intervention. Discussion This trial will expand upon the current research on Internet interventions for addictions and inform the development of treatments for those with co-occurring problem drinking and gambling. Trial Registration, NCT03323606 . Registered on 24 October 2017.
Trials. 2018 May 25;19(1):295