Are we spoiling the natives? : an inquiry into, and a defence of the policy of educating the subject native races of British South Africa

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Collins, Ernest Spencer
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It is not here contended that any portion of the South African races are on the same mental level as the Aryan-speaking white races; but that education, the drawing out of such germinative gifts of nature as now lie dormant, will affect beneficially both the subject race ruled and the race that rules. New thoughtful persons hold the opinion that the African is the equal of the European; but that he is capable under European hegemony of making rapid progress in the arts of civilisation, and of adding his own peculiar gifts to the world's treasures of knowledge and desirable things - is certain. It is true there are those in South Africa who have the most un-British idea that the exploitation of the Native should be carried on in the interests only of the white man, they would in fact make them helots. A higher conception of our relation to them is now, happily, gaining ground. Slowly but surely public opinion is becoming imbued with a sense of responsibility, and the leavening process has begun with the rulers. It has however, but just commenced and there is much prejudice and ignorance to overcome.