Industry and industrial legislation in Manitoba

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McLeod, Daniel Robert
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It is characteristic of the subject of Industrial Legislation that any literature dealing therewith rapidly becomes out of date, and consequently, loses much of its value from year to year as the various statutes are amended and broader interpretations given to the law. While, generally speaking, laws affecting the relationships between employers and employees come under the jurisdiction of the Provincial Government, there are numerous statutes passed by the Dominion Government which directly relate to the subject. Municipal Bodies also possess certain delegated authority to pass by-laws respecting industrial conditions. While the Courts do not make law, judicial decision moulds the interpretation of the law, and, therefore, may be said to make changes in the law. Then again many industrial statutes are administered by commissions or boards, such as the Workmens' COmpensation Board, Minimum Wage Board, etc., and these bodies issue regulations under powers conferred by the governing statute which have the effect of either widening or narrowing the scope of the law. With so many legislative, judicial and quasi-judicial avenues lending to changes in the law, it is apparent that a treatise which might be approximately comprehensive in 1931, would be very much out of date a few years hence.