Exploring the effectiveness and impact of the MHSAA Policy on Transgender Students: Learning from the experiences of trans- youth in Manitoba high schools

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Hutton, J. Rae
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This thesis analyzes the creation, implementation, and impacts of the Manitoba High Schools Athletic Association's 2015 policy, the MHSAA Policy on Transgender Students. The daily experiences of a sample of trans- youth in sport settings in Manitoba high schools are analyzed by listening to and learning from trans- youth directly. From interviews with stakeholders, much feedback was sought from various stakeholder organizations throughout the processes of creating the policy. However, an absence of the voices of trans- youth within these conversations is present. From the students participating in this study, it became clear that the policy is not entirely effective in creating safer, inclusive high school sports and the spaces sport is taken up in. Trans- youth call for social changes to take place within schools in order for a policy such as the MHSAA Policy on Transgender Students to be effective.
Transgender, Gender, Youth, Policy, School policy, High school, Education