An examination of teachers' perspectives on inclusive education: a case study of Thika East District, Kenya

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Gachocho, Margaret
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This qualitative case study explored teachers’ perceptions of inclusive education. The research questions focused on teachers’ experiences of educating students with disabilities in mainstream schools; the advantages and challenges of educating students with disabilities in mainstream schools; ways in which the needs of students with disabilities could be addressed; and the skills teachers required to provide sufficient support for students with disabilities. The study participants were 15 special education teachers from Thika East District who had been teaching students with disabilities in their classrooms. The results of this study reveal that most of the teachers had positive perceptions of inclusion of students with disabilities in mainstream classrooms. The perceptions were subject to several factors such as level of training, support and collaboration from administrators and the community, availability of resources and materials, school infrastructure, large class size and the degree of disability. Overall, this study revealed that teachers’ perceptions influence how teachers and schools adopt, implement, and commit to the inclusion agenda.
Teachers' Perspectives on Inclusive Education