Novel single source integral equation for analysis of electromagnetic scattering by penetrable objects

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Sheikh Hosseini Lori, Farhad
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This thesis presents a novel single source surface electric field integral equation (EFIE) for the full-wave scattering problems by homogeneous dielectric objects and magneto-quasi-static characterization of the multiconductor transmission lines (MTLs) to determine inductance and resistance. Both the low and higher order method of moments (MoM) schemes are developed for numerical solution of this novel equation. The required theorems and derivations are given in detail. Numerical validations of this equation are conducted for various formulations such as scalar and vector 2D scattering problems, full-wave 3D scattering problems, and the problems of current flow in the 2D conductors of complex cross-sections. Error controllability of the numerically computed fields confirms that the proposed equation is rigorous in nature and may be an advantageous alternative to the other known single and double source surface integral equations (SIEs). The proposed single source integral equation (SSIE) features only electric type Green’s functions, which distinguishes it from the previously know SSIE formulations. As such the new equation can be formulated in the form free of derivatives acting on the kernels. The new SSIE also features only one unknown surface function instead of two unknown functions as featured in the traditional SIEs. Unlike previously known single source surface integral equations derived through restricting of the single source field representation with surface equivalence principle, the new equation is obtained by constraining of the such representation with the volume equivalence principle. As a result, the new equation features integral operators that translate the fields from the surface of the scatterer to its volume and then back to its surface, lending it the name of Surface-Volume-Surface Electric Field Integral Equation (SVS-EFIE).
Computational Electromagnetic, Single source surface integral Equation