The University of Manitoba Field Station Delta Marsh 1975 Annual Report Number 10

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Shay, J.M.
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University of Manitoba
Introduction Over the years there has been a steady increase in use of the Station. In 1969, for example, we reported 265 resident weeks of occupation; in 1975 this had risen to 555 with a daily average of 15 from April until midSeptember, while use continued throughout the year for short courses and ongoing research. Participants included faculty,graduate students, those taking regular University and Summer Session courses, Continuing Education programs and High School ecology field trips. One of the advantages of the Field Station is that it brings together people with a diversity of backgrounds and interests. Staff Dr. J. M. Shay (Director) Dr. M. Aleksiuk (Zoology) Dr. T. Booth (B.T.U.) Dr. J. Gee (Zoology) Dr. R. E. Longton (Botany) Dr. D. Punter (Botany) Dr. S. Sealy (Zoology) Dr. J. M. Stewart (Botany) Dr. H. E. Welch (Zoology) Summer Assistants C. Day (Zoology) L. Girling (Botany) M. Jungbauer (Zoology) J. Pearson (Zoology) R. Scarth (S.T.E.P.) D. Soprovich (Zoology) R. Wade (Botany) W. Wade (Botany) Graduate Students D. Busby (Zoology) P. Goossen (Zoology) D. Hood (Zoology) N. Hooper (Botany) R. MacArthur (Zoology) R. MacCharles (Zoology) G. Mutch (Zoology) E. Pip (Botany) M. Rayner (Botany) Support Staff B. Wallis (Administrator) I. Garnham (Cook, April ,May June, Sept.) R. Hooper (Domestic Asst.) S. Kennedy (Domestic Asst.) D. Klippenstein (Domestic Asst.) E. Longstreet (Cook July) G. Mulder (Cook Aug., Sept.) N. Mulder (Manager) N. Rodd (Maintenance Asst.) Research Fourteen research projects were in progress during 1975. In their second or final year were the studies of muskrat thermodynamics; striped skunk winter ecology; post-breeding dispersal of ring-billed gulls; epiphytes on aquatic macrophytes :; Chen.opoc.Uum ecology and grazer-aquatic plant interrelationships. New projects included studies of the breeding biology, and feeding ecology of yellow warblers; interaction of the endocrine system and parasite fauna of the red-winged blackbird; copepod parasites of saugers and walleyes; the ecology of the bullhead, and temporal succession in beach fungi. Two long term studies: ecology and productivity in Phnagmiteb and protozoan and he l minth parasites of frogs and toads were continued, these are outlined in the University Field Station Annual Report No.9, 1974. Summaries and progress .reports for the projects, except those on fungi and Phnagmiteb, are included l ater in this Report . Our warm congratulations to three graduate students who have successfu l ly completed their studies. The Ph . D. thesis of Floyd S. Phillips is entitled liThe Rel ationship between Evapotranspiration by Phnagmiteb c.ommu.tU.-6 Trin.and Water Table Fluctuations in Delta Marsh, Manitoba". Glen Girman was awarded an M.Sc., his thesis being on liThe Effects of a Number of Herbicides upon Photosynthesis and Heterotrophy of Naturally occurring Algal and Bacteral Communities in Delta Marsh,Manitoba" and Susan Eddy received an M.Sc. for her thesis on "Population of the Leopard Frog Ran.a p.<.p.<.en..6 p.<.p.<.en..6 Schreber at Delta Marsh, Manitoba.
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