Delta Marsh Field Station Annual Report Number 7,1972

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Gee, Dr J.H
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University of Manitoba
During the past year the University Field Station was used actively for research and teaching. To meet increased demands in both these areas, facilities were improved for greater accommodation. Mr. Barry Wallis joined the staff in summer as Executive Assistant to the Director and his presence has increased the efficiency of the operation of the Station. Research The long-term objective of our research program is to provide a better understanding of the dynamics of the marsh ecosystem. Ten research projects were carried out; of these six were continued from last year and four new studies were initiated. Dr. Emil Kucera completed his study on the population ecology of white-tailed deer and a report has been prepared providing much-needed information necessary for the management of deer in a marshland environment. Don Bernard and Marty Quaye were awarded M.Sc. degrees for their respective studies on shiners in Lake Manitoba and nematode parasites in frogs and toads. Both Sandy Macaulay and Floyd Phillips, working on Ph.D. programs, have finished their field studies at the Station and expect to complete their projects in 1973. Research projects received support from the Department of Mines, Resources and Environmental Management (Research Branch), National Research Council of Canada, Ducks Unlimited, Canadian Industries Limited and the University of Manitoba. Staff and Utilization of Facilities The Station was used for 409 resident weeks and 3,747 meals were served. The following staff, students and summer assistants were present for all or part of the year: Faculty Dr. J. M. Shay, Director (to July) Dr. J. H. Gee, Acting Director (from July) Dr. K. W. Stewart, Department of Zoology Dr. E. Kucera, University Field Station (January-May) Facul ty (continued) Dr . L. Mottus , University Field St ation (June -October) Graduate Students S. Bates , Department of Zoology A. J . Macaulay, Department of Botany E. E. Mowbray , Department of Botany E. Pip , Department of Botany F. Phillips, Departmen t of Botany M. Quaye, Department of Zoology J . Pearn , Depa rtment of Botany Research and Summer Assistants J . Evans , Research Assistant L. Bond , Research Assistant T. Jichuk, Research Assistant B. Foley, Summer Assistant G. Connor, Summer Assistant Permanent Staff B. Wallis , Executive Assistant B. A. Huyghe , Secretary N. Mulder , Manager G. Mulder , Housekeeper I. Garnham , Cook Informal seminars were given by staff and graduate students throughout the summer. The Field Station is now available for year-round use and I feel it has a great potential for research and teaching in winter. In January and February 1973 Dr . E. E. Moodie from the University of Winnipeg brought out his ecology class for a two-day field course and I took the third year ecology class out over a three-day period. In addition, there was an Extension Division course on Human Survival given over three days . During these two months alone , the Station was used for 57 resident weeks . There is a strong demand for education in winter ecology and much-needed research at this time of year can be carried out from the Field Station . Its use in these areas should be actively promoted .
ecology, Delta Marsh, manitoba, field station