Packet transmission scheduling in wireless body area networks

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Zhao, Zhen
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As the key component for ubiquitous real-time healthcare monitoring systems, wireless body area networks (WBANs) emerge as a promising solution to relieve the financial and social burdens resulting from the growth of aging population and rising healthcare costs. Although WBANs are commonly regarded as the extension of wireless sensor networks (WSNs), most existing studies on WSNs cannot satisfy the communication requirements because of complicated communication environments around the human body tissue and more stringent energy constraints in WBANs, which prompts a lot of research efforts recently. In this thesis, we focus on the packet transmission scheduling in WBANs, where we carefully study the energy efficient issue and investigate the channel shadowing effects. After presenting some fundamentals and related works, we propose a general analytical framework to evaluate the performance of IEEE 802.15.6 based CSMA/CA scheduling in WBANs, with joint considerations of instantaneous delay constraints and body shadowing effects. In addition, we also propose a multi-threshold based transmission strategy for joint data and energy scheduling in WBANs, where rechargeable sensors can efficiently manage their transmission energy allocations by simultaneously considering the amount of waiting packets in the buffers and available energy in the batteries. Extensive simulations are conducted to verify our proposed analytical models and demonstrate performance gains of our proposed strategy.
Transmission scheduling, Wireless body area network , Queueing analysis