A biomechanical comparison of the long snap to punter between high school and university level football players

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Chizewski, Michael George
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The study compared the kinematics used to perform fast and accurate long snaps in high school (HS) and university level (UNI) athletes. The study also determined the kinematic variables related to greater release velocity and which variables are significant predictors of release velocity or total snap time* (TST) for HS, UNI, and both groups combined*. Ten HS and ten UNI subjects were recruited. The athletes were filmed with eighty-three variables measured using Dartfish TeamPro 4.5.2 software. UNI athletes had significantly greater release velocity (15.15m/s) and left elbow extension velocity (752 deg/sec) than the HS group (13.21m/s and 498 deg/sec). TST had the strongest correlation to release velocity in HS (r=-0.915) and UNI snappers (r=-0.918). HS long snappers may benefit from less elbow flexion and more knee flexion in the set position. UNI long snappers may benefit from increased left elbow extension ROM and decreased shoulder flexion at release.
Biomechanics, Kinematics