Assessing youth experiences of hydroelectric development in Fox Lake Cree Nation’s traditional territory

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Thomas, Randi
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Fox Lake Cree Nation (FLCN) is a First Nation community located in northern Manitoba, with approximately 1100 community members, of which approximately 500 reside in the traditional territory. FLCN has been highly affected by the development of five dams within their traditional territory, and have participated in the Clean Environment Commission hearings to share the impacts of that development. The FLCN youth have a unique perspective and experience with development. Youth are impacted by past hydroelectric development projects, and will continue to be affected in the future. In addition to looking at impacts and mitigation strategies, FLCN youth are looking to business and training opportunities that still align with their core values and Cree worldview. Knowledge transmission from Elders to youth is an important factor in moving forward for FLCN youth. Understanding how these experiences and perspectives affect and influence youth in FLCN is important to creating a future that benefits the youth of Fox Lake Cree Nation.
Hydroelectric development, Indigenous, First Nations, Youth, Fox Lake Cree Nation, Keeyask, Aboriginal