Hydroelectrical Generation Project for Northern Manitoba

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Grima, Victoria
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The 1913 geological and environmental characteristic study that William McInnes carried out on the drainage basins of the Nelson and Churchill Rivers is considered to be one of the most significant studies which encouraged the province to explore its northern waters as a possible source of hydroelectric power. Thus, Manitoba's Crown Corporation, Manitoba Hydro, in the early 1960's began its venture in the execution and development of its Northern Hydro-electrical Generation Project. The Project focus is to fully harness the hydrological power of the Kache Sipi, the Nelson River, and by also supplementing it with a diversion of the Churchill River. This project is being accomplished through construction of hydroelectric generating stations and water level/flow regulatory infrastructure. To facilitate the transferring of the produced electrical power towards the southern section of the province, converter stations were constructed and High Voltage Direct Current transmission lines were also installed.
hydroelectric, Manitoba, water, generating station, HVDC Transmission System, Lake Winnipeg, regulation, Churchill River Diversion, bipole III transmission system