Competency Culture: An Innovative String of Pearls to Deliver Health Information to Nurses

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Cohen Baker, Analyn
Demczuk, Lisa
Raynard, Melissa
Shaw-Daigle, Christine
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Objective: To support Manitoba nurses in their new professional requirement to maintain competency. Setting: The College of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (CRNM) requires that licensed, practicing nurses in the province document their continuing competency on an annual basis. In response to this requirement, the community hospital libraries, affiliated with the University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries, developed several onsite and virtual library programs and services. Audience: The target group for these new initiatives is nurses working within the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Winnipeg community hospitals. Program: The University of Manitoba Health Sciences Libraries (UMHSL) developed online resource guides, information packages and a newsletter to support the continuing competency goals of the CRNM and Manitoba nurses. Webliographies are topic specific, online resource guides including links to books, journal articles, ejournals and websites. They are updated annually and are accessible via the UMHSL website. Competency Collection: Information Pathfinders are customized information packages designed for nurses interested in a particular Healthcare issue. Print packages of information are readily available on units throughout the Healthcare facilities. Info-RN, is an electronic newsletter which highlights nursing resources and library services; it is published and distributed three times per year. Conclusion The UMHSL identified the unique information needs of nurses in the community hospitals. To address this need, the UMHSL developed creative and innovative ways to deliver evidence-based information directly to nurses at the unit level.
Poster presented at the Canadian Health Libraries Association Conference, Vancouver, BC. May 15, 2006.
libraries, health libraries, nursing, library services, continuing education, continuing competencies