Development of a synchrophasor based power systems monitoring software with a fault locator application for multi-terminal transmission lines

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Cai, Yaojie
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Synchrophasor technology is widely available embedded in modern power grid protection, metering, and recording devices. Utilizing synchrophasor measurements, a novel algorithm is proposed for fault location in multi-terminal transmission lines. In order to implement real-time synchrophasor applications, a software platform called “PhasorEye” was developed in this research. PhasorEye facilitates collecting synchrophasor data stream, visualization of decoded data, and implementation of synchrophasor applications as analysis tools. A laboratory setup involving a RTDS real-time digital simulator and a synchrophasor communication network was assembled to demonstrate and validate the use of the software and the proposed new fault location technique. Tests revealed several challenges in practical application of synchrophasor data for fault location and showed that the proposed fault location algorithm can accurately identify the faulted line segment and fault location. Additionally, several other synchrophasor applications developed by other University of Manitoba researchers were implemented and integrated into the software.
Software, Synchrophasor, Fault locator, Transmission line