A faceted chamber for magnetic field microwave breast imaging

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Nemez, Kyle
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This thesis details the development of a novel microwave breast imaging system based on a faceted metallic chamber using magnetic field data in an air background. The chamber is simulated showing benefits over a cylindrical chamber. The use of magnetic scattered-field data collected on the inner surface of the chamber is shown to provide better reconstruction results compared to electric field data for breast tissue phantoms. Shielded half-loop probes are selected for use in the new system and prototypes are constructed. These probes are sensitive to magnetic fields and reject electric fields. An experimental faceted chamber is also constructed and used with the probes to image simple homogeneous targets as well as a simple breast phantom. Several possible measurement techniques and calibration methods for the new system are analyzed. Tumour detection in the simple breast phantom in an air background is achieved, validating the performance of the novel system.
Microwaves, Imaging, Electromagnetics