Critical mathematics and critical literacy for indigenous students in an urban alternative high school program: an action research study

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Hunter, Todd
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The purpose of this action research study was to improve the education of Indigenous students enrolled at an inner-city urban alternative high school for adolescent mothers and/or mothers-to-be. Seven adult students agreed to participate in this study, as did the English Language Arts teacher who facilitated the critical literacy classroom activities. The study investigated the impact that critical mathematics and critical literacy activities had on developing students’ critical consciousness (Freire, 2000), which is a key component of transformative learning (Mezirow, 1997). The findings indicate that the cumulative effect of the critical curricular activities enacted during this study led to critical consciousness development in students, and thereby contributed to a more transformative learning experience for them. The findings also indicate that action research was integral to changing the mathematics and English Language Arts classroom practices in this study.
critical pedagogy, critical mathematics, critical literacy, critical media literacy, Indigenous, Aboriginal, Action research, Education