The meeting place: examining the relationship between colonialism and planning at The Forks, Winnipeg

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Cooper, Sarah E.
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This thesis explores the relationship between colonialism and planning in a contemporary urban context in Canada. This project is important because colonialism continues to have impacts on the way that cities and city spaces are constructed. Using The Forks, Winnipeg, as an example, it reviews planning documents using a critical, postcolonial, interpretive and reflexive textual analysis. The intent is to gain more understanding of the ways in which colonialism is implicated in contemporary planning practices in settler societies. The analysis shows three main themes: the identity of The Forks is created in opposition to that of the downtown; heritage at The Forks is presented in ways that ignore colonialism and its past and present impacts on the city; and decision-making at The Forks does not reflect Indigenous priorities. The thesis concludes with some implications for planning practice.
planning, urban planning, Winnipeg, The Forks, colonialism