Correlates of suicidality: investigation of a representative sample of Manitoba First Nations adolescents

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Mota, Natalie
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The present study examined community/tribe, peer/family, and individual correlates of suicidal behaviour in a representative on-reserve sample of First Nations adolescents. Data came from the 2002-2003 Manitoba First Nations Regional Longitudinal Health Survey of Youth. Household interviews were conducted with adolescents ages 12-17 (n=1,125) from 23 First Nations communities in Manitoba. Bivariate logistic regression analyses were used to examine the relationships between a range of factors and lifetime suicidal ideation, suicide attempts, and any suicidality. A multivariate logistic regression analysis identified those correlates most strongly related to any suicidality. Findings showed that several correlates were found to be associated with an increased likelihood of suicidal behaviour, including being female, depressed mood, abuse/fear of abuse, a hospital stay, and substance use. Results of this study will likely be of importance in informing First Nations and government policy related to the implementation of suicide prevention strategies in Manitoban First Nations communities.
suicidal behaviour, First Nations, youth