Implementation of elements of preparedness: not-for-profits in the interrupted environment of humanitarian supply chain management

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Khan, Soaleh Ahmed
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This thesis addresses aspects of preparedness, by not-for-profit humanitarian relief organizations, for effectively responding to natural disasters. It asks how not-for-profit organizations, engaged in humanitarian supply chain management, develop capabilities and implement various elements of preparedness. The research methods consist of a combination of case-based research and grounded research in examining two very different organizations, one comparatively small and faith based and the other larger and secular. Data collection consisted of mostly open-ended interviews with representatives of the two organizations. The findings consist of a number of themes centred on the concept of a local focus on vulnerable communities. Associated themes include the importance of establishing a presence in the community, local capacity building, and early needs assessment. These themes are summarized as testable propositions. A summary framework is presented for the integration of international and local supply chains, in preparing to respond to natural disasters.
Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Disaster Relief Logistics, Humanitarian Supply Chain Management, Disaster Management, Preparedness, Interrupted Environment, Disaster Logistics