Study of the Effect of Elastic Foundation on the Accelerated Durability Testing of Ground Vehicles

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Rahman, Ebadur
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Accelerated durability testing of automotive components has become a major interest as it may predict the life characteristics of the vehicle by testing fatigue failure at higher stress level within a shorter period of time. In this work, a specially designed sub-scaled experimental testing bed with the rigid and elastic supports of a simply supported beam was designed and built to compare the effects of the elastic foundation on the change of modal parameters of the tested structure which was later used to tune the FE model. Afterwards, the accelerated loading profiles of both sine sweep and random vibration were applied on the FE model to compare the deviation of the cumulative fatigue damage between the elastic and rigid supports. This work reveals a significant amount of inaccuracy in the current laboratory testing system where the dynamic properties of the tested structure are not maintained close to the real situation.
accelerated durability test, fatigue damage, test rig, laboratory, elastic foundation, sine sweep vibration, random vibration, vibration testing