Local level perspectives of wetland management policy and practices in Bangladesh: a case of Hakaloki Haor

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Ahmed, Supria
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Wetlands of Bangladesh are experiencing a rapid decline. Natural resources of these ecosystems have been disappearing over the years. Resource scarcity resulting from these changes affects adversely the livelihood of local communities. While several policies have been developed to manage the wetlands, these policies appear inadequate to address the degradation of wetlands and livelihood crisis of local communities. This research investigated how the wetland management policy is affecting local users and communities. A qualitative case study approach was used. Data were generated through interviews with local users, administrative officials, NGO officials, and experts in natural resources and wetland management. The research identifies intrinsic limitations of the current Jolmohal management policy of Bangladesh, specifies the limitations of its implementation, and the barriers that prevent its implementation. The data shows that the wetland management policy is affecting the livelihood of the local communities and the health of the wetland.
Bangladesh, Hakaloki Haor, Natural Resources, Policy, Wetlands