An examination of lake breezes in southern Manitoba

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Curry, Michelle
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Lakes represent a major topographic feature in southern Manitoba, having a direct meteorological influence on a number of communities, including Winnipeg. Therefore, it is crucial that we have an understanding of the characteristics of lake breezes in the region and the influence that they can have on local weather. The Effects of Lake Breezes on Weather in Manitoba (ELBOW-MB) project in 2013 sought to fill in the gaps in our current knowledge of lake breezes in southern Manitoba. The primary research objectives of this thesis are to: (1) provide a radar-based climatology of lake breeze frequency and characteristics and, (2) to characterize the detailed thermodynamic and kinematic properties of lake breezes and lake-breeze fronts. The two results papers presented within this thesis represent the first detailed analysis of lake breezes in southern Manitoba and help to fill important gaps in our knowledge about the occurrence and characteristics of lake-breeze circulations.
Meteorology, Boundary Layer, Lake Breeze
Curry, Michelle, Hanesiak, J., and Sills, D. M. L. (2015). A radar-based investigation of lake breezes in southern Manitoba, Canada, Atmosphere-Ocean, 53:237-250