Refugee fathers in a new country: the challenges of cultural adjustment and raising children in Winnipeg, Canada

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Rezania, Shahrokh
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This study explores how refugee fathers perceive their new situation, how they redefine themselves, and how they adjust to living in Canada. In addition, the study identifies and makes recommendations regarding services that can be put to place to assist refugee fathers facing the challenges of resettling in Winnipeg and Canada with their families. Ongoing protracted conflict in various regions of the world has led to annual increases in the number of people living in refugee situations. Winnipeg, Canada, is becoming home for many of these refugees. Refugees, and refugee fathers in particular, face challenges integrating into their new environment. For example, refugee fathers may experience specific challenges related to their cultural adjustment of fathering children in a new country which could have negative consequences on their resettlement and personal development. If positive support mechanisms are insufficient and if their basic human needs cannot be satisfied, then refugee fathers may become at risk of becoming dysfunctional and socially isolated, which can have a negative impact on family cohesion. In order to assist refugee fathers in their successful transitions into a foreign culture and society, it is essential to try to understand their perceptions and experiences of resettling.
Refugees, Refugee Fathers, Challenges, Needs of Refugee Fathers, Services for Refugee Fathers