Interfacing dynamic phasor based system equivalents to an electromagnetic transient simulation

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Konara Mudiyanselage, Harshani Koushalya Konara
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This thesis presents a method to do transient simulation of a large power system using dynamic phasors and electromagnetic transient simulation. A novel hybrid simulation technique using dynamic phasor equivalent is presented to analyse a part of a large power system. Electromagnetic transient simulation is used to model the part of the network that needs detailed simulation. The synchronous reference frame phase locked loop is implemented as the interface between the electromagnetic transient model and the dynamic phasor model. Two types of positive sequence filters i) sinusoidal signal integrator phase locked loop ii) extended phase locked loop are presented to eliminate the voltage unbalance effect in a phase locked loop. A comparison of the performance of the two filters is presented. The validation of the proposed interface is done using EMT simulation on real time digital simulator. Finally the numerical problems involved in this hybrid method are discussed.
Power system simulation