Delay analysis of molecular communication using filaments and relay-enabled nodes

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Darchinimaragheh, Kamaloddin
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In this thesis, we suggest using nano-relays in a network using molecular com- munication in free space to improve the performance of the system in terms of delay. An approximation method for jump diffusion processes, which is based on Markov chains, is used to model molecular propagation in such scenarios. The model is validated through comparing analytic results with simulation results. The results illustrate the advantage of using nano-relays over diffusion in terms of delay. The proposed model is then used to inves- tigate the effect of different parameters, such as filaments’ length and the number of filaments attached to each nano-relay, on the delay performance of the communication technique. We used transient solution of the model in the first set of results. How- ever, stationary solution of the model can generate useful results, too. In the second set of results, the model is extended for an unbounded scenario. Con- sidering the propagation as a one-sided skip free process and using matrix analytic methods, we find the final distribution for the position of informa- tion molecules. It will be shown that it is possible to keep molecules in a desired region. The effect of different parameters on the final distribution for the position of information molecules is investigated, too. This analysis can be useful in drug delivery applications.
Nano-network, Molecular communication, Jump diffusion process, Markov Chain