Rajatar: Chintaguda, becoming socio-ecological processes in a village in Northern Andhra Pradesh

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Kalasapudi, Lakshman
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Starting from the overall Revitalizing Small Millets in South Asia (RESMISA) project objective and question, how to increase millet production and consumption, I will use the same to enter Chintaguda and understand how that can be accomplished in the village. As millets do not occupy a significant aspect of the lives of people in Chintaguda, I essentially sought to understand the general decision-making logics that operate therein. This objective will help me understand which factors and their interactions influence activities around socio-ecological engagements. I aim to devise a framework to comprehend these logics and the complexities found in Chintaguda by using social theories. These will help me stitch together a narrative for Chintaguda that will contextualize the people’s relationship to millets. This study will show the various ways people can and do relate to millets.
india, millets, south asia, savara, adivasi, indigenous, agriculture, swidden agriculture, development, cultural logics, meshwork, andhra pradesh, srikakulam, finger millet, foxtail millet, anthropology, village ethnography