Understanding the role of recreational vehicles and park model trailers as an alternative housing option and the barriers to their use

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Russell, Blaine Christopher
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This practicum investigates the use of recreational vehicles and park model trailers within the east central Vancouver Island area with the objective of developing an understanding of their use as an alternative affordable housing option. As part of this research, and in order to provide a base reference point for a later analysis within the study, a review of literature on the topics of homelessness, evolution of the travel trailer, mobile home policy, living in an RV on the street, living in an RV park, and the emergency use of travel trailers was conducted. In addition, this research includes a review of Provincial regulations such as the BC Building Code, Residential Tenancy Policy Guideline how they relate to the use of RV and park model trailers. As well, this study includes a review and analysis of the zoning bylaw of various local governments on Vancouver Island with respect to the use and classification of RV and park model trailers. This practicum forms a case study of local government officials, campground operators and recreational vehicle dwellers on the use of RVs and park model trailers within the study area. [truncated]
Recreational Vehicles, Park Model Trailers, Alternative Housing, RV