Gastown eco-studio: manifestations of body in interior design and eco-fashion

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Broojerdiazar, Valeh
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The fashion industry has a complex and often ambiguous relationship with the environment. Fast fashion has led to increased waste and harmful production methods, but innovative textile developments have led to more environmentally-friendly clothing production. In the recent decades, eco-fashion has become an evolutionary model that focuses on environmental concerns and an eco-driven consciousness. This Master of Interior Design practicum project proposes a hypothetical eco-fashion design studio in Gastown, Vancouver in order to showcase the conclusive relationship between interior design and eco-fashion. This project employs important conceptions like the body and identity in the design of Gastown Eco-Studio. These themes inform the design process, and the theoretical and methodological considerations demonstrate that the body, as an inhabitant of the built environment can provide a conceptual model for interior design and the related concept of identity can be illustrated through the process of eco-consciousness.
Interior Design, Eco-fashion, Body, Space, Identity, Architecture, Fashion