Walking cadence to attain a minimum of moderate aerobic intensity in people at risk of cardiovascular diseases

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Serrano, Fagner
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Problem: Walking cadence (steps/minute) is used to prescribe walking intensity. For healthy adults, the recommended cadence is generally 100 steps per minute to reach moderate intensity. However, the required walking cadence to reach that intensity for people having risk factors for cardiovascular diseases (CVD) is unknown. Methods: Ninety-one people presenting risk factors for CVD completed a graded exercise test to assess maximum oxygen consumption. In a separate session, when participants reached moderate intensity based on their maximum oxygen consumption, walking cadence was recorded. Results: Mean walking cadence to reach moderate intensity was 115.8 ± 10.3 steps per minute. Using linear regression analysis, only body weight (ß=0.24; P=0.018) significantly predicted the walking cadence required to reach moderate intensity. Conclusions: The walking cadence needed for people presenting risk factors for CVD to reach moderate intensity is about 116 steps per minute. Body weight influences the walking cadence needed to reach moderate intensity.
Walking cadence, Moderate intensity