Effect of phosphorus on growth performance, skeletal integrity and phosphorus utilization in growing pigs

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Pokharel, Bishwo
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Two experiments were conducted to determine the effects of phosphorus (P) in growing pigs. In experiment 1, fifty-four pigs were randomly allotted to three diets with available phosphorus (aP) concentrations of 0.23%, 0.17% and 0.11%. In experiment 2, twenty-eight pigs were assigned to four treatments including T1 (diet with 0.23% aP for three wks), T2 (diet with 0.11% aP for wk1 replaced by diet with 0.23% aP for wk2 and wk3), T3 (diet with 0.11% aP for wk1 and wk2 replaced by diet with 0.23% aP for wk3) and T4 (diet with 0.11% aP for all three wks). The 0.11% aP diet proved to be very low with negative effects on performance and bone quality. Reduced dietary P resulted in reduced P intake and reduced P excretion. In conclusion, growing pigs are sensitive to P and environmental pollution because of dietary P can be reduced by dietary manipulation of P.
Phosphorus, Growing pigs, Performance, Bone quality, Gene expression