Re-evaluating literacy with image in mind: an action research project exploring the affordances of wordless and image-rich books in a grade five classroom

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Jerema, Samuel
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Using a multimodal approach to literacy, this thesis explores student dialogue and responses from viewing wordless and image-rich books to answer the following questions: What impact does visual literacy instruction have on students’ learning and achievement in reading and viewing comprehension? What are grade five students’ perspectives on being involved in reading and viewing wordless and image-rich books in the classroom? Action research methodology is employed by the teacher researcher in a grade five classroom. Qualitative data sourced from whole class observations, small group reading interviews, student work samples, a colleague’s observational notes, and quantitative data from reading assessments reveal insights into the affordances of presenting visually rich texts to students. The author focuses the discussion on reading comprehension strategies, visual elements, and the experience of reading wordless and image-rich books. He concludes that students are able to use deeper level reading comprehension strategies and articulate their understanding while viewing images.
Wordless, Multimodality, Comprehension, Reading, Action Research