Rethinking the landscapes of learning: the power of place on children's identities

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Carey, Marie
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This practicum investigates the role of landscape architects in identifying and understanding the development of place identity in children with application to schoolyard design, specifically in Lorette, Manitoba. Through a review of literature, design principles were developed to reflect place identity, as well as enable outdoor learning experiences, cognitive development, and provide long-term community investment in the success of the project. These principles were used to direct a series of case studies, which helped inform design features in the conceptual design section of this practicum. Community engagement became integral to the design process, where students, staff and community members were invited to participate and share their opinions about Lorette, the current schoolyard and suggestions for the future schoolyard. The conceptual design integrates elements representative of local culture and history, all the while emphasizing connecting children to naturalized outdoor spaces, bringing learning outdoors and providing children with places to play.
Nature, Place Identity, Landscape Architecture, Education, Schoolyard, Playground, Landscape, Learning, Play, Community Engagement