A density functional study of actinyl containing complexes

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Berard, Joel J.
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Density functional (DFT) methods are first used to study 22 of the most stable solution-phase UN4O12 isomers containing uranyl nitrate, UO2(NO3)2. Based on relative free energy calculations, 4 solution (a6, a5, a8, and a1) and 5 gas-phase isomers (a1, a2, a3, b1, and b2) are identified as the strongest candidates to exist and possibly predominate within their respective environments. DFT is then applied to a new form of binucleating Schiff–base polypyrrolic macrocycles containing actinyl ions [AnO2]n+ (An = U, Np, Pu; n = 1, 2) and 3d transition metals (TM): Mn, Fe, Co, and Zn. Formal bond order evidence is provided for 24 TM to actinyl–endo–oxygen partial bond formations. Special structural cases are discussed. Redox potentials for AnVIO21/AnVO21– couples closely follow the Np > Pu > U trend seen for AnO2(H2O)52+/1+. Predictions of –1.10, 0.25, and 0.01 eV are made for U, Np, and Pu redox potentials.
actinides, DFT, actinyls, UN4O12, uranyl nitrate, polypyrrolic macrocycles
Berard, J.J., Shamov, G.A., and Schreckenbach, G., J. Phys. Chem. A, 2007. 111(42): p. 10789-10803.