Pilgrimage to the Night Sky

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Hosein, Vincent
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The purpose of the Pilgrimage to the Night Sky is to encourage a self driven journey of rediscovering the beauty and simple pleasure of looking up and seeing a star-filled sky. The goal is to create two sites in the landscape that will act as the starting points to this pilgrimage by showcasing the stars in the night sky and will nurture the curiosity of those who have an interest in the heavens. A progression approach is meant to be experienced while on this journey, with the first stage of the pilgrimage taking place in Assiniboine Forest. The second stage of the pilgrimage takes place ten minutes south of the city at Glenlea Observatory which hosts an exponential increase of stars in the night sky. The practicum concludes with an assortment of resources people can use to continue their pilgrimage and search for their darkest night sky.
night sky, pilgrimage, Assiniboine Forest, Glenlea Observatory, landscape architecture, stars