Yang-Mills flow in 1+1 dimensions coupled with a scalar field

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Mikula, Paul
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We define a Yang-Mills model in 1+1 dimensions coupled to a real scalar field and we study the Yang-Mills flow equations for this simple model. Yang-Mills flows have not been thoroughly studied, especially in a physical context, but may be able to provide valuable insight into both particle physics as well as gravity. We study our model using both the Hamiltonian equations and Euler-Lagrange equations, and we calculate the flow numerically using a simple finite difference method for the case of an Abelian Lie group and static fields. We are able to find several analytic solutions to the equations of motion and the numerical calculation of the flow suggests most non-constant solutions are unstable. We also find that the flow depends upon the relative values of the coupling constant and the mass of the scalar field. The results found with this simple model provide a starting point for the study of Yang-Mills flow in the context of more complicated (but more physical) models such as the Abelian Higgs.
Gradient Flow, Gauge Fields