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    • The Canadian Childhood Nephrotic Syndrome (CHILDNEPH) Project: overview of design and methods 

      Samuel, Susan; Scott, Shannon; Morgan, Catherine; Dart, Allison; Mammen, Cherry; Parekh, Rulan; Nettel-Aguirre, Alberto; Eddy, Allison; Flynn, Rachel; Pinsk, Maury; Wade, Andrew; Arora, Steven; Benoit, Geneviève; Bitzan, Martin; Erickson, Robin; Feber, Janusz; Filler, Guido; Geier, Pavel; Girardin, Colette; Grisaru, Silviu; Tee, James; Kemp, Kyle; Zappitelli, Michael (2014-07-22)
      Abstract Background Nephrotic syndrome is a commonly acquired kidney disease in children that causes significant morbidity due to recurrent episodes of heavy proteinuria. The management of ...