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    • When Research is Relational: Supporting the Research Practices of Indigenous Studies Scholar 

      Cooper, Danielle; O'Hara, Lisa; Linton, Janice; Fullerton, Cody; Ball, Tanya; Boyer-Kelly, Michelle Nicole; Carr-Wiggin, Anne; Cornelius, Carrie; Cox, J. Wendel; Dupont, Sarah; Gagne, MaryLynn; Garton, Scott; Ghezzi, Ridie; Guittar, Michelle; Komeiji, Kawena; Laroque, Sheila; Lar-Son, Kayla; Lawson, Kim; Lee, Deborah; Logan, Julia; Long, Keahiahi; MacLeod, Lorisia; Matsuda, Shavonn; Morris, Sara E.; Orozco, Rebecca; Paikai, Annemarie; Peper, Michael; Perry, Michael; Petersen, Gina; Reyes-Escudero, Veronica; Sanchez, Anthony; Shim, Kapena; Smith, David; Sylvester, Jennifer; Toews, Jennifer; Wallace, Niamh; Witzel, Amy; Wong, Desmond (Ithaka S+R, 2019-04-11)
      In 2017 Ithaka S+R launched a project to explore the changing research methods and practices of Indigenous Studies scholars across Canada and the US with the goal of identifying services to better support them in ways that ...